Master Of Business Administration Specializations


Maximum number of MBA aspirants specialise in finance these days and this trend is because of the numerous possibilities that an MBA-Finance offers you as far as your career is concerned. An MBA-Finance will include apart from the usual compulsory courses there are courses in Investment Management, Taxation and Tax Planning, Corporate Valuation, International Finance, Management Control System,..   more»



Banking from the very beginnings of human civilisation has been keenly creating employment opportunities. With the modern age business serving customers across shores, banking has emerged as one of the most important career choices among students in India. With the government of India’s FDI policy in banking in the beckoning, the banking sector is set to create large employment opportunities...   more»


Construction Management

Infrastructure is a key component in the development of any country. Globalization has made immense changes in the Indian economy. As a result there has been an overall growth in approximately all sectors of the economy and above all in the financial, service and industrial sectors. Therefore these sectors are emerging very rapidly; apart from these, there are several new infrastructure development..   more»



E-Business stands for Electronic Business. Internet today has penetrated into the nook and corner of the globe. It has become a strong medium to carry out all kinds of transactions, enabling common man to reach out across the globe. E-Business is essentially the business carried out through electronic means. E-Business includes business processes across the whole value chain such as handling customer..   more»


Forest and Environmental Management

Master of Business Administration in Forestry & Environment Management course. It’s a two years degree programme.Before understanding the course details it is prudent to develop and overall understanding of the subject.

Forest Management:
As the name itself suggests it is all about managing the Natural Resources,dealing with social,economic, administrative, legal along with scientific..   more»

Health Care Management and Hospital Administration

Health care industry in India has registered tremendous growth in recent years. The demand for quality healthcare is going to further increase with the increased awareness about health resulting in phenomenal growth of hospitals across the country.

The recent decision allowing the entry of private agencies in health insurance is an important step taken by the government to reach out to the vast..   more»

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is the academic study of the hospitality industry and has become the number one sought after field by many youngsters. It is a systematic study of the running of hotels, restaurants, and travel and tourism-related business. There is unlimited scope for professionals with a Hospitality Management background not only in hotels, but other areas in the service sector in India and..   more»

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) or HR, earlier known as Labor Welfare and Industrial Relations or Personal Management, is the function within an organization that focuses on the workforce of an organization.
There are a number of responsibilities that come with the job title HR. As the name suggests, it involves recruitment and management of employees or human resources. Recruitment includes attracting..   more»

Information Technology and Management

In this technologically advanced world the expanded use of information technology in all facets of business, the IT and ITES sectors have seen tremendous growth in the past decade. An MBA in Information Technology and Management focuses on utilization of management techniques to improve the usage and applicability of information technology for the growth of business.This specialization educates and..   more»

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure is the key to attracting international business and also plays an important role in uplifting the local business on the international map. Infrastructure Management comprises of both conceptual as well as practical problems related to infrastructure development and management. Efficient and consistent supplies of a range of basic infrastructure services such as water, telecommunications,..   more»

Insurance Management

Insurance has become a basic essentiality in the current business scenario. Almost every product these days are insured. Insurance basically reduces the risk factor in any investment the organisation does, hence insurance is not only helpful for common man, but also large organisations. covers or protects people against various hazards of life. It is a financial contract that binds two people to certain..   more»

International Business

Globalisation has made organisation to re-strategise on their business models. The concept of local trading is increasingly being substituted by a global outreach for every product manufactured. With many countries open to foreign investments, all organisations are now competing on the international standards. The world has become a global village and various companies rely on overseas business in..   more»

Media Management

Media has played a vital role in practically all fields and since it’s very important to remain in the people’s eyes to ensure good business, media’s impact is recognised by all industries across the world.  The task of communicating any news in the organization to the outside world including their growth, market popularity and even awareness through publicity is being handled by the media...   more»

Oil and Gas Management

The world runs on oil and gas. They are the most important sources of energy in the world and they are depleting due to overuse. Management of these resources, therefore, has become essential and it is a national responsibility. The program of Oil and Gas Management deals with effective logistics & supply, infrastructure, transportation and management of the oil and gas Industry.

Owing to..   more»

Operations Management

Operations management is a branch of management that deals with implementing strategies, designing and controlling the process of converting raw material into the final products in every organization. Operation managers play a vital role in the progressive state of the company since they control all the operations within an organisation, right from developing a plan to dispatch the raw materials to..   more»

Other Management

The success of any functioning organization depends largely on its managers.A vital challenge that any organization faces nowadays is to constantly update and sharpen the skills of its manager (or managers) so that he or she can counter the newest forms of challenges in today’s precarious, unpredictable market.Among the most important skills taught in management courses one learns tobuild personal..   more»

Pharmaceutical Management

Healthcare has been a stream of interest to the humankind since time immemorial. With the passage of time, the testing processes have evolved, technology has become advanced and the desire to extend life has become stronger. Pharmaceutical Management is a branch of management that primarily has its roots in chemical and health sciences. Pharmaceutical managers ensure the effective and safe use of medicines..   more»

Power Management

Power Management is an important aspect of running any organisation. The business transactions of the modern age extensively depend on computers and electricity driven devices, efficient power management is imperative for improving outputs. It is a division of management that deals with the efficient utilization of energy in all equipments used on a large scale in an organization. Power is a basic..   more»

Product Management

Product Management essentially deals with the process of manufacturing goods in a company starting from the conceptualization of an idea to marketing and selling the finished goods. Product management professionals and involved in the process at each and every step of the development of the product. This is one of the reasons why product management is now being offered in many universities as a core..   more»

Retail Management

Retail Management is a field in management that deals with all processes related to selling of goods and services to consumers. Retail management is a chain of processes which ensures delivery of goods which are being demanded by consumers at an affordable price and on time. it is also termed as retailing.

Retailing involves understanding the requirements of a customer through direct interaction..   more»

Sales & Marketing Management

Sales and Marketing Management

As the business environment is becoming ever more complex, more turbulent, more global and more competitive, thinking strategically about how a firm should position itself in order to compete successfully is becoming increasingly critical. An MBA Strategic Management develops individuals to lead and manage successfully and ethically at a strategic level across..   more»

Strategic Management

As the business environment is becoming ever more complex, more turbulent, more global and more competitive, thinking strategically about how a firm should position itself in order to compete successfully is becoming increasingly critical. An MBA Strategic Management develops individuals to lead and manage successfully and ethically at a strategic level across a range of organizations, and to formulate,..   more»

Telecom Management

In this era, where there are rapid changes in the Telecom eco system and stupendous growth of Telecom sector on all fronts, the area of telecom management has much more pertinence and significance. The industry is contributing immensely to the economic growth of the country. The Information and Communication Technology has progressively enabled the systematic globalization of Telecom sector, thereby..   more»

Banking and Insurance

Banking offer one the most promising career to students in India. IBPS has started conducting centralised entrance test for selection into Centralised banks. Banking is not limited to commerce students; it can be pursued by students having Arts, Computer Science, Biotechnology and others. As the banks are expanding and global banks has also entered India the demand for professional is very high.more»


Hotels and Hospitality Management

Hotel Management:

Considered to be one of the most interesting career options - Hotel Management as an option for post-graduation among students has gained a lot of popularity which continues to increase with time. When looking at options available for best Hotel Management, India manages to offer a wide range of Hotel Management Institutes and Hotel Management courses, gone..   more»


marketing management

Every company make the effort to promote and sell their products and services. To achieve this objective, they deploy s& marketing managers who can take care of sales, marketing, advertisement and public relation. The role of a marketing manager include developing promotion strategies.

Courses & Eligibility:

The different courses offered under marketing..   more»


Materials Management

..   more»

Tourism Management

..   more»

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