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Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT)

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Shiksharambh is here to help you in getting information and e-learning materials related to the entrance exam GMAT.
GMAT Practice tests and question papers for its entrance exam preparation.
The GMAT online tests on this site are designed to help students to evaluate themselves and
at the same time the GMAT mock tests help the student to evaluate what they learn.
All the GMAT test papers are free here. You can practice through free GMAT online mock tests and GMAT sample Question papers.

Some of the Benefits of GMAT entrance exam preparations over here are:

GMAT mock tests are completely free for every student.

The mock tests on this website are designed to simulate the real presence of GMAT entrance exam. So that you can get better practice for actual GMAT entrance exam before you appear for it.

Full length GMAT mock tests on this site have same pattern and sections as same as the actual GMAT entrance exam. These are designed in this way only to resemble and closely simulate the actual GMAT entrance exam.

These mock tests have time limit, just like the actual GMAT entrance exam. This also helps the students to learn time management in practice tests itself and thus can avoid any kind of inattention of time in actual GMAT entrance exam.

Even there are various topic based GMAT practice tests available on this website which helps the students to learn and evaluate on specific topics where they lack and practice more and more.
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