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Environmental Science

Environmental science is a multi-disciplinary science that teaches us to protect and sustain our natural resources of land, water, air and vegetation. Strides made in industry, agriculture and technologies for improving human life quality has been made possible by relying on resources available in land, water and vegetation. These human or anthropogenic activities have often led to deterioration of the natural resources. Besides anthropogenic activities, natural hazards of earth quakes, land-slides, hurricane and floods pose threat to human life and the natural resource system. There is an increasing awareness in the community and willingness to adopt measures to protect our environment from degrading effects of all forms of pollution. Driven by these concerns, the IIScundergraduateprogramme on Environmental Sciences provides an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to understand and mitigate hazards arising from anthropogenic and natural activities by focusing on key areas of environmental chemistry, earth sciences, environmental engineering, atmospheric sciences, and sustainable systems.

During the first three semesters, students will be taught a rich mix of fundamental courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, as well as a basic foundation in the principles of Engineering. In addition, students will be exposed to several courses in humanities that will provide them with a better appreciation of science and its societal implications, as well as sharpen their skills in communicating science both to experts in their fields and to society at large. After successful completion of the first three semesters, students majoring in Environmental Science will be required to take a fixed number of core-courses in Environmental Science. Students can then acquire additional expertise in special areas of their choice by crediting elective courses from among a wide range of special topics courses; additional elective courses in any of the other science/engineering disciplines could lead to a minor specialization, provided the minimum credit requirements for doing so are met. A student however has the choice to Major and Minor in Environmental Stream itself. Students majoring in Environmental Science will be taught salient topics in Environmental Chemistry, Earth Science, Atmospheric Science and Environmental Engineering. The Laboratory Courses are thoughtfully designed to help understand various concepts taught in the Undergraduate Programme, provide hands on experience with state of the art equipments and teach essential experimental techniques in environmental management. The Environmental Science students will have opportunities to undertake research/practice oriented projects in the final semesters in an Environmental Science area of their choice.

Scope in environmental sciences: -
Environmental engineers and scientists are playing a major role in protecting the environment.  Many environmental scientists and biologists are being employed in textile mills, refineries, fertilizer plants, food processing, distilleries, mines and other industries in order to for monitoring the levels of pollution. Even NGO’s are employing a large number of environmentalists.  The industries have become more conscious about the environmental issues and henceforth want to manage their resources in a better way.

List of Courses:-

  • Certificate in Environmental Studies (CES)
  • Certificate Courses in Environmental Science
  • Diploma in Environmental Law
  • Diploma Courses in Environmental Science
  • Diploma Course in Environment Protection
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science & water Management
  • Master of Science in Environmental Management
  • Master of Philosophy in Environmental Biology
  • Master of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Environment
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Environment & Sustainable Development
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Earth Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science

Basic Eligibility:

UG: For admission in to bachelor’s degree, the candidate must have passed the higher secondary school certificate (10+2) examination with science subject such as (biology, maths and chemistry).  The duration for this course is 3 years.

PG: The eligibility criteria for pursuing a master’s degree are holding a bachelor's degree with science subjects such as (biology, maths and chemistry). The duration for this course is 2 years.




  • Fire Science
  • Wildlife & Forestry
  • Water and Watershed
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Science & Engineering
  • Environmental Policy and Conflict Management
  • Disaster Preparedness & Executive Fire Leadership
  • Occupational Safety & Health/Environmental Management
  • Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology & Risk Assessment

Job Prospects:
Environmental consultant - works in a commercial environment in areas such as water pollution, air and land contamination, environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, waste management, and noise or vibration measurement.

Environmental education officer - supports, sustains and develops environmental issues within the community, through visiting schools, businesses and community groups, giving talks, leading walks, and producing educational resources.

Environmental manager - manages the environmental performance of an organisation, including training staff to help them contribute to improved environmental performance.

Nature conservation officer - protects, manages and enhances the local environment, by promoting and setting targets within local and national biodiversity action plans. Works in partnership with other organisations, advises employers and raises awareness of environmental issues within the community.

Recycling officer - develops, implements and monitors a local authority’s environmental policy on waste reduction and provides advice on the management of recycling issues.

Waste management officer - works within local authorities, assisting the environmental services department to develop, manage, supervise and control waste disposal and recycling facilities, ensuring they dispose of waste safely and with consideration for the environment.

Water quality scientist - analyses water samples to maintain quality to set targets and standards derived from complex legislation to safeguard all aspects of water quality.



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