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Public Administration

Public Administration is an interdisciplinary discipline draws theories and concepts from economics, political science, administrative, management, law, sociology and a varied range in relevant field. Public servants and other officers who work in public sector are known as Public Administrators. This field broadly studies the development, implementation and government policies.


Careers in public administration require administrative skills, a solid understanding of accounting and finance, knowledge of government workings and organizational proficiency. There are career opportunities in non-profit agencies and local government bodies, state government, public service organizations such as animal welfare and healthcare agencies and large non-profit organizations at the national level.


After completing the relevant course, career aspirants can join in government jobs as budget analysts or as association executives with various social groups. For professionals with doctorate degree can join in administrative management sector; industrial sector; personnel management sector; legal sector and social service sectors as well.


Objectives: - 

  • Maintaining the personnel and public administration.
  • To increase efficiency of the Usage of human, financial and material resources.
  • To establish effective public administration through the medium of  education.

The study of this field includes: - 

  • Theories of Administration
  • Public organizations
  • Public Services
  • Constitutional framework


Scope in Public Administration Sector: -

A candidate with specialization in public administration and public policy can focus on finance, organizational governance and administration. Candidates are offered a number of job opportunities with this specialization in the state and local government organizations within the public administration field.

Candidates with a bend towards public administration can  prepare for UPSC examination. DfIferent government institutions and private institutions are providing training to the candidates for this exam.


Basic Eligibility


For  pursuing a bachelor's degree in public administration a candidate must have completed his/her higher secondary education or 10+2 examination. Mostly,  the duration for the bachelors degree program is 3 years.



For pursuing an M.A. in public administration a candidate must have completed his/her graduation in any discipline. Usually the duration for the master's degree program is 2 years.



Some of its specializations are: - 

  • Personnel and Industrial relation Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Social Services
  • Law, Investigations & Inspections


Job Prospects

Certain Sectors where jobs are offered: - 

  • Correctional Treatment Specialist
  • Administrative Officer
  • Emergency Services
  • Public Works
  • Management Analyst
  • Labor Management Relations Specialist
  • Personnel Management Specialist
  • Economic Development
  • Social Worker
  • Customs Inspector
  • Border Patrol Agent
  • Municipal Planning
  • Police
  • Fire


Jobs in Government organization: -

As mentioned earlier, public administration is a crucial sector for any country and as far as India is concerned the need for public administration officers is increasing. Government in India conductins Civil Services Examinations for appointing candidates to the following positions: - 

  • Foreign service offices
  • District administrators
  • Police offices

Audit and revenue officers in: - 

  • Governance
  • Law & Order


What is the expected salary in Government Public Administration Sector?

In All India Civil Service Cadres, candidates are normally appointed in junior scale selection grade at the beginning of their career and these candidates can earn a salary of Rs. 30,000 per month in their initially stage . Whereas an experienced candidate draws a pay of Rs.80,000 at the senior grade scale.

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